Monday, January 30, 2012

My Memories Suite- a Video Tutorial, a Freebie, and a Giveaway!!!

I have quite the treat for you today!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by My Memories Suite asking if I'd like to review their digital scrap-booking software.  As most of you know digital designs are a big part of my life and I use digital scrap-booking software to create the majority of everything I make.  Its just so much easier to work with then Photoshop.  So while I am not new to digital scrap-booking, I had never used the My Memories Suite software and was excited to give it a try.

Now, I have to confess that because I have used another program for years that I know like the back of my hand, it did take me a little time to figure MMS out.  But once I did I really liked the program.  While its not the easiest program to learn, there are some neat features that My Memories Suites has over the other programs I've used, like being able to add videos and Internet links to create interactive "online" scrapbooks.

So anyway, I thought the best way to give you guys an honest look at how this software works is to do a video tutorial.   I'm going show you guys how you can make your own custom "scrapbook style" desktop backgrounds for your computers.  Something like this...

The first thing I did was go to the MMS store and pick out a digital kit.  I ended up purchasing this kit by Crazy-4-Monograms.

It is a super cute kit and it is HUGE!  I was shocked at how much was in this pack!  (Tip, if you become a fan of MMS on FB you can get a discount code for $5 to the online store.  Score!)

I decided the easiest way to do a tutorial was through video. (Can you image all those screen shots otherwise?!)  This is my first video of this kind and in hindsight I should have used a headset microphone instead of recording the audio through my web cam.  So forgive the background noise.

So what do you think? Fun huh?!

Well, you can either have fun making your own, or if you want you can just use the one one I made.  :)  You're Welcome!

Be sure to click on the image to view it large and then save it as a PNG.  This will make the picture cut-outs transparent so you can put in your own pictures.  Here is another tutorial on how to do that.

Now for the best part...

A Giveaway!!!

My Memories Suite has kindly offered to give one of you a copy of their software!  

To Enter you must visit the My Memories website, look around, and tell me in the comments what your favorite kit is.
Bonus Entries (one comment for each one)

Follow the My Memories Blog
Follow Sassy Sanctuary

Oh, and one more thing.  If you are too anxious to wait and see if you win and want to purchase a copy of the software now, use code STMMMS28310 at checkout to get $10 off the software and a $10 credit to the store!  Now that's a good deal!

Good luck!!! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Inspiration File

I know what your thinking...

"Say what?!?!  You haven't done in Inspiration File post in ages Krystal!"

I use to love doing my inspiration file posts and sharing all the great ideas that I find around blogland. Then this thing happened... it's called Pinterest.  It just felt really redundant to share what I'm loving because all you have to do is follow me there are you'll see it!

But, I came upon a blog that I started following about a month ago, and I am in love with her site!  She really is amazing.  So I thought I'd give a little shout-out to Lindsey from Country Girl Home so that all of you can follow her goodness too.

I think the reason that I love this blog so much is that Lindsey isn't afraid of power tools and building... when she can't find what she wants, she just builds here own. 

For example, say you want an antique door.... She built one!

Or you want an old window.... yup, she built that too!

Or you need some furniture.... you guessed it, she builds it!

She also is super great about taking basic things and making them awesome.  Like this shelf, it was a super plain Jane little shelf and with a little tweaking she took it to awesome!

And this little baby is half an old media cabinet with legs stolen form a garage sell side-table.  You have to check this post out.... it's hard to believe how this piece started!

Anyway, I could keep going but I think it would be better if you hop on over to Country Girl Home and take a look for yourself.  Tell her I sent you!

(oh, and please click on the original posts on HER BLOG before pinning any images.  She deserves all the credit! Thanks!)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Kitchen Reveal!!!

The time has come!  I'm ready to show you guys how my kitchen turned out!  We just finished the back-splash last week so all the major elements are in.  We still have a few odds and ends to do and I need to decorate above the cabinets and make curtains for the window... but I'm excited to show you what we have at this point.

But first I have to remind you what it looked liked when we started...

And here it is now...

As you can see the kitchen got a complete new layout.  The original plan was to just refinish the cabinets and get new counter tops and appliances, but once we got in there we realized that the sub-floor was rotted and needed to be replaced.  And since we had to rip it out anyway, we decided to just start over.

Once the space was clear I immediately decided I wanted to redo the layout.  (Funny how I never would have even thought it was possible until I was looking at a blank space.) We kept all the appliances where they were so we wouldn't have to move plumbing or electrical, but by removing the tiny closet and pantry we made room for a whole pantry wall.

There is SO much more storage here!

And I also decided to get rid of the bar and put an island instead.  It really opens the space and makes for a great center work surface.

And you can bet that I'm loving all those drawers!

The cabinetry was made by Merrill Woodworking out of Rigby, Idaho and they did a fantastic job and came in substantially cheaper then anyone here in Utah.  I had them do all the outer cabinets in this fantastic grey with a brown glaze over the top.

And the island is black with the brown rub-through effect. 

The Granite is also out of Idaho and was done by Universal Stone.  Its "Galaxy Black"  and I love that its fairly uniform and not too busy, but it still has some great character. Its a beautiful mix of blacks and greys with gold flecks in it.

Flooring is the same laminate that is in the rest of the main floor and the walls are Sherwin Williams "Amazing Grey."  The back splash is done in the always classy white subway tile.

So that's it!

I think it turned out amazing and is such a big difference then what was here a few short months ago.  Now I just need to find some time to get up there and decorate!  Can't wait!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Living Room Reveal

So the front living room in our home is basically done so I thought I'd show you how it turned out.  Of course there is still a few odds and ends to do in here (like build a coffee table and get a rug for the front door) but its done enough.... for now.  :) 


I am pleased. 

The rug is from Home Depot, the pillows, accent chair and lamps are from Home Goods, the curtains are from Target.  Anymore questions?  Fire away!

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Printable on a Pillow!

I've been looking for fabric to make an accent pillow for my front room.  I wanted something that would tie all the colors together.  So I needed grey, blue, brown and a touch of gold.  But it couldn't be floral because I got a new rug that's floral (I'll show you guys soon)  Turns out that finding what I wanted wasn't such an easy task. 

I've heard about printing on fabric but I had yet to try it, so I decided to try my hand at making my own fabric design by printing at home.  I used the chorus to "I Cross my Heart" by George Strait because its the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding (ahhhh.... cute I know!)

Here is what I came up with.

(Feel free to use the above printable however you want for personal use... not for resale in any form.  Following first would also be appreciated.)

And here is how my cute pillow turned out.

 I'm really proud of it and was pleasantly surprised at how well the printing of fabric actually turned out. 

If you search "printing on fabric" you can find a bunch of tutorials on how to do it.  Some say to soak your fabric in a product (Bubble Jet) to make it colorfast, other say just to iron it after printing to seal the color.  I ended up just using the print and iron method.  Mostly because I was too lazy to try to find Bubble Jet and its sits in my front room and most likely wont get much wear.  Depending on the application, you may want to look into the other method.

That being said, all I did was take some white cotton fabric and some freezer paper and cut them both to the size of printer paper.  Then you iron the fabric to the shiny side of the freezer paper so that your fabric has a backing.  Then print it using your printers best quality setting.  Once the ink has dried you can peel it from the paper and then iron the ink.

Now its ready to incorporate it into a pillow!  I cut my print into a square and then sewed it right onto the front of another square. I used a pretty stitch that had some weight to it.  Then I frayed all the raw edges.  I love the look!   I just made the pillow an envelope style case. 

Now think about all the cute printable that are out there....or better yet... search "printable" on Pinterest.

I know, enough said!  Go make a pillow!

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Monday, January 09, 2012

ABC's Bingo- free printable!

I have a little kindergartener who is working on learning his letters and letter recognition.  In order to help him with it at home I made an ABC bingo game.  It turned out pretty cute and has been a great way for us to review.

I also have used it with my preschooler.  It has been really versatile.  For a beginner game, you can say the letter and show the card and let the kids find it.  For a little more challenge, just say the letter and see if they can find it without seeing what it looks like.  And for a more advanced game you can say the letter sound and have the kids find the letter that goes with the sound.

Anyway, I thought it might be nice to share.  So if any of you have little ones that need help with their ABC's, play some bingo!

I made 8 game cards plus the calling cards.  Just print as many as you need onto cardstock and cut out the calling cards.  Enjoy!


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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Winter Mantle Display

Sorry about the lack of posts people!  I hope everyone has had a great holiday and that you are enjoying getting back to normal.  I know I am!

We are slowly getting things hung and settled in our new house.  I will show you guys each room as I get them done (if there is even such a thing as "done") and the promised kitchen reveal is coming soon.

I do have my mantle hung and decorated for winter though and I'm loving how it looks in the new space!

(P.S.  I have had a ton of emails asking about my mantle.  My dear husband built it for me.  He has promised to write up a little something describing how it is built and the dimensions and such.  Not sure when he will actually get to it, but I'll keep bugging him until he does.  Okay?)

I put my mirror and shutters up like I had in my old house.  Then for the winter display I have a grouping on one side with my Family Rules Print,  a vase with beads and "ice sticks"  and a glass candle goblet.

Then the other side has my adorable snowman.  My MIL got it for me for Christmas this year and I think its so cute!!!  It reads "Families are forever because love never melts."  Ahhh!!!!

The whole display is tied together with a garland off my Christmas tree and "sugared" fruit  and pine cones scattered throughout.

So that's it.  Its simple but cute.  Can't wait to show you guys the rest of the space!  Be back soon!

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