Thursday, July 15, 2010

Angels Among Us

I have a thing for angels... well, cherubs if I'm being accurate. I'm sure I inherited the trait from my mother as she loves all things angels as well, and there were always angels placed about our home growing up. And like many women, despite my best efforts, I am becoming my mother. (Love you Mom!)

It all started with this sweet guy. I bought him on a mass accessory shopping trip when we first bought our home. He was just too cute to pass up and he found his home on top of our entertainment center.

This one was soon to follow. He lives on the plant shelf in our kitchen and I love how it seem like he is just laying back, enjoying the chaos below.

When I was decorating my daughters nursery I stole this sweet guy from my Mom's house. I like to think he's a nod to the guardian angels that I'm sure watch over her.

And my latest addition was this adorable one that you saw on top of my new china hutch. I actually saw it several weeks before and couldn't get it out of my head. So when it came time to decorate the top of my hutch, I knew just what I wanted. I love how it looks all snuggled in.

I like using angels through my home for the whimsical yet formal feel they add, but most of all I like the gentle reminder that God and his angels are among us. They share in our troubles and joy, our sorrows and our triumphs.

What are your thoughts on angels in home decor? Love it or loath it? I 'd love to hear your thoughts but will continue to love mine. ;)

P.S. Seeing all these in one post seems like a lot. But I assure you, spread through out my home is not that crazy. Like any decorating theme, to many would be, well, to many!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Christmas in July

I have been on the hunt for the perfect china hutch for SO long. It has been #1 on my wish list for couple years now but I had a hard time finding what I wanted, at a price I could afford. (Dang money!) I thought about going the refurbish route but couldn't convince my hubby to add another project to "the list." Everything store bought was either too expensive, too big, or just not right for our house. Finally I found this little baby online. It was affordable, the perfect size, and had the right lines to go with the rest of the furniture in our home. Since it also happened to be my birthday, I was able to get my Mom to contribute as a birthday gift and it became mine!

It was a ready to assemble piece and came to my door damaged. I was so bummed and worried, but the company I ordered from (Stacks and Stacks) was great about getting me a replacement. The replacement came and my hubby put it together for me while I was out of town. What a surprise to come home to! I was thrilled how well the top matched our table without the hutch being to matchy-matchy. (Although now the golden oak cabinetry, which has been bugging me forever, bugs me even more... so much for not adding to "the list"!)

And I just LOVE how all my pretty dishes look on display!

It's still a work in progress, I have to figure out what to do with the buffet top, which is in reach of my children so requires something durable. I also want to make a door to cover the open shelves on the bottom, which because of being in reach of my kids, is just not practical. (I'm seeing some etched glass in my future.) But so far I am thrilled!

What do you think? Do you enjoy having your dishes on display?


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