Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Mantles

I don't have a fireplace. (moment of silence)  It's tragic really.  It's this time of year that I really wish I had one so I could decorate my mantle.  Since I'm pining away for a fireplace, I'd thought I'd show some drool worthy fall and Halloween mantles.

The Polka Dot Chair

boopsie daisy
A Soft Place to Land

Outdoor Rooms and Outdoor Fireplaces
Southern Living
(thou shall not covet, thou shall not covet, thou shall not covet.....)
Sigh...... someday right?!?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Rag Wreath

So do you remember that rag wreath I featured from A Little Bit of Everything a couple of weeks ago?  Well the other day I was in Hancock Fabrics and they had all their holiday fabric 40% off.  That sealed the deal and I set off to make my own version of the rag wreath.  Wanna see?

I think it turned out pretty cute.  Here are my two cents on how to make a rag wreath.

A.  Find some super cute holiday fabric.  I got a total of 2 yards in four different patterns and had a little left over.  You could probably get away with a yard and a half, but it would be close.  Also, the original inspiration used a metal hanger as the form but I found a wire wreath form for only $1.99 at the craft store.  Since it has four rings your wreath will turn out much fuller.  Then just cut strips of fabric, about 6" long and 1" wide, and tie in a random pattern around your ring.  I doubled knotted because I didn't want my hard work to come undone.

B. Take a piece of ribbon and tie a loop about the top of your wreath to hang it from.  I tied it around the second ring.

C. Next I made a bow to attach to the loop.  I made two simple bows, one larger then the other, and then hot glued the two together.  Take a small piece of ribbon and wrap that around the middle to finish the look. (D)

E.  Glue the bow to the loop.

F.  I wanted to attach the word "BOO" but the craft store was out of "b" so I went with "EEK."  I painted them green and then topped it with sparkly silver paint.

G.  Attaching the letters to the wreath ended up being a little more tricky.  I ended up hot gluing a opened bobbi pin to the back of the letter. (Glue it at the top, not the middle like in the picture.) Make a small hook in the end of the pin.

H. Use that hook to hot glue the letter to the back of the wreath.  I also had to add a few drops of hot glue to a couple fabric pieces to keep the letters where I wanted them.

And your done, just hang and enjoy!

I love it!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scrumptious Sunday- Carmel Dipped Marshmallows

Last week we went to a back to school potluck for the families at my son's preschool.  I was asked to bring a dessert.  I wanted to do something fun that the kids would love and be easy to bring, so after much pondering I decided to make Carmel Dipped Marshmallows.  They turned out so pretty!

Its a really simple process.  You simply heat up Carmel candies in the microwave (follow the package directions)  and then dip a marshmallow in about half way.  Let as much of the excess drip off as you can.  Then dip it into your favorite topping.  I used coconut, sprinkles, and cinnamon sugar.  Then place them, marshmallow side down, on a piece of wax paper to set up.

While this was easy to do, it was a bit time consuming since I made two bags of marshmallows.  But they look way impressive all lined up on a tray!

and the best part? The kids LOVED them!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inspiration File

Just a few things to share with you this week. 

First off Crafty Sisters made the cutest Halloween topiaries with candy.  These are seriously adorable and would be so fun for a party or just to decorate a table scape or mantle with.  LOVE this idea!

Next, Naptime Crafters showed us how to make a korker bow.  I've always thought korker bows were particularly cute and wondered how they were made.  I'm really excite about this tutorial and you can bet there will be some new bows in my daughter's future! (Isn't her baby too cute for words?!?)

And finally I cried a little when Jen at Tatertots and Jello revealed her laundry room redo.  Our laundry room is the most neglected room in our house... which wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have to walk through it to get to our garage, like ALL THE TIME.  I am SO jealous of this space.  But seeing the fabulousness has inspired me to add decorating the laundry room to "the list."
(Can you believe blogger is trying to tell me that fabulousness isn't a word?)

Well, that's it for now but I can't wait to show you what I have been working on this week.  It turned out way cute if I do say so myself!  Plus I have a fun Scrumptious Sunday scheduled so be sure to check back.  See you next week!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Spit and Vinegar

If you were to ask my parents about me as a child, they would tell you that I was easy, mild mannered,  and sweet tempered.  If you talk to my husband's parents about him, they would say the exact same thing.  So it would stand to reason that we would produce easy, mild mannered, sweet tempered children right?
Wrong!  We were blessed with...

Now don't get me wrong, I love my kids to death... but they are T.R.O.U.B.L.E!  So I decided the only fair thing to do is make them "Spit and Vinegar" shirts to warn the general public what is coming their way. 

I used the same freezer paper stenciling technique as my theater room pillows.  The background images were found via google images when I searched tribal tattoo and the font is from my computer.    I did run into an issue with my stencil bleeding when I overlapped the letters onto the background.  Luckily it only bled where the white paint was so I was able to touch it up with a brush.  I also used some embroidery floss and hand stitched around the wording to give it an extra kick.  I think they turned out pretty cute!

Just don't let these cute faces fool you, they will give you a run for your money. They sure are me!

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Inspiration File

Once again we will kick off this weeks inspiration file with a couple Halloween related posts.  I'm sure everyone is familiar with Layla Grace and their to-die-for furniture and accessories.  Well they have some new customizable Halloween art available, and the table scape they set up for the photo shoot is insane.  This look screams for a knock off.  I really want to recreate this wall in my home, (and think I could pull it off)  but unfortunately I don't have the time, space or money.  Maybe next year.

Of course if I did try to recreate that table scape, I'd only try to knock off the main painting and would switch out the two smaller ones with these...

This awesome idea is brought to you by Tatertots and Jello.   The Halloween Specimen Art is SO fun and seems like a really simple project. Plus this idea can be taken in a million different ways.  I could totally see little hearts for Valentines. Too cute!

Now on a completely different note, I came across this adorable card on Just Jingle.  Card making is a craft I've yet to take up, but would really like to.  I can't tell you how many time I had to run to Walgreens on the way to a wedding or shower for a card.  It would be super fun to make a stock pile for different occasions when I'm board someday.  (I know, I know... when does any of us have time to be board!)  I thought this card was particularly funny, the inside reads "Thought you could use a pick me up."

This week Design Sponge posted their list of 20 top fabric resources.  I live in a small town with very limited shopping choices.  I was excited to have a reference for when I venture to larger cities or am shopping online.  Especially since my brain works backwards.  Instead of letting a fabric inspire a project, I usually start a project with a specific look in mind.  Finding what matches the image in my head can be quite challenging!

And all this talk of fabric makes me want to make a quilt.  I love quilts. I really want to be a quilter but lack the patience.  I'm convinced that I'm going to master my impatience one day and when that happens I will make beautifully intricate quilts.  And thanks to Creations by Kara I can now tie it without the annoying ties on one side.  Its not often that you learn a new technique that you never knew was possible.  Love how much cleaner this looks!

And this last one is for my Mom.  She has a thing for cruises, but really she just goes on vacation for the molten lava cake and the casino. So when TomKat Studio posted a couple different lava cake recipes, I knew I had to share them for her.  I will be expecting to see these this Thanksgiving Mom, so get cracking!

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little Feet Stepping Stones

One of my favorite traditions I started with my kids is making a yearly stepping stone.  Every summer (for the last four) I gather my kiddos and imprint their little feet in a stepping stone.  As our collection has grown they have become some our most prized possessions.  The kids love comparing their feet, seeing how much they have grown,  and seeing which foot "fits." My husband and I love seeing how little and cute their feet were.  Someday we will have quite the collection and it will be a great walk down memory lane... literally!

For those who have never tried it, making a stepping stone is a fun thing that can be done in an afternoon,  can allow the kids to get involved, and is really easy.  Craft stores carry pre-measured amounts of concrete mix, the letters to imprint a message, and forms. (The letters and forms can be used over and over.)  Then just gather some marbles, small toys, rocks or whatever floats your boat to decorate with and have fun!

Some tips for making a stepping stone:
  • It always takes more water for me to get the concrete to mix then the directions state.  I usually start with the directed amount and then add a splash at a time until I can get everything incorporated. Try for peanut butter consistency.
  • After you pore your stone, you need to allow it up to a few hours to dry out before trying any imprints. (This is probably due to all the extra water I have to add)  If the concrete is too wet, the imprint won't hold its form.  Just check on it often so it doesn't get too dry.  NOTE: The concrete will dry out faster in the sun!
  • Place the mold on a cookie sheet so you have a solid, flat surface to move your stone around with.  This is particularly important if you want to be able to put it on the ground to allow a foot print, then on the counter to decorate, and then out back to dry.
  • Make your imprints and add any wording first, then decorate around them so everything fits.
  • Allow it a full 24 hours to cure before trying to remove the mold.  I use a plastic mold and have never had any problem getting it out.  We once made stones with our cub scout group and used box lids for the forms.  This was a cheap way to make a bunch of stone, (we also used a bag of concrete from home depot) but we had to pill the cardboard off once they dried. 

Now, eventually my kid's feet are going to get big and quit being cute.  (gasp!) So my plan is to cut them off after they are five.  Since I have two kids who are two years apart, I am guaranteed at least seven stones.  But I most likely will probably might have another baby or two eventually so it may be way more someday. I imagine when my kids are grown, the stones will be our favorite part of our yard.

So what are you waiting for? Go make a stepping stone!

EDIT:  Ha Ha Ha! .... After reading this last paragraph once it published, I realized it sounded like I was going to cut off my kids feet once they got too big.  Not what I meant!  What I meant to say was, I will no longer let them put their foot in our yearly stone.  Glad we got that clarified! ;)

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Budding Graphic Designer?


I have to admit, I love graphic design and I love messing with HTML code.  Now, I am far from an expert but I found that with the help of google I can figure out just about anything and its so rewarding.

Well, for all those digi-scrappers out there, The Shabby Princess just released a new free kit and it is SO cute! It was just the inspiration I needed.  I had been wanting to re-do my family blog.  I had a 3 column layout and hated that I couldn't post very big pictures.  I also wanted to figure out how to add a menu bar.  Want to see the new look?

Pretty cute right?!?

Want to hear an awesome blogging tip?  Now this isn't my original idea and I can't remember where I heard it,  but its oh so smart! 

Anyone with a family blogs has to worry about internet security but I never really did.  I've never been a paranoid person but when a friend of mine had her five year old apply for a home mortgage, it made me stop and think.  She actually shut her blog down because she feared the information the identity thief used came from her blog.  I use our names on my blogs, I blog about birthdays, I blog about grandparents.  That's scary information in the wrong hands! I didn't want to worry about what I post, so I decided to go private.

The problem with private blogs is that you don't have a live feed so your readers don't get an update that you posted. So to combat this you create a second, identical "cover" blog that is public.  On this blog all you post is the post title and a link to your private blog's post.  This way people can just click, log in, and read.  Smart!
If you want to check out my cover blog you can visit it HERE.

Happy Blogging!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Inspiration File

As I mentioned before, I decided I would start doing a weekly "Inspiration File" post.  This way I can show you all the things I find that are totally awesome, and I can have a place where all these projects are documented for a rainy day.  There has been too many times I have thought, "I'm totally doing that" only to forget about it once the next new idea comes into my brain.  (Apparently I have a strict "one thing in, one thing out" rule when it comes to thoughts... if only I could apply that same rule to the clutter in our garage! )

This week my thoughts have been all about Halloween.  I LOVE Halloween!  I'm not sure what it is about it but I think Halloween is so much fun to decorate for and the kids just love it.  I guess I'm not the only one turning their thoughts to Halloween because Halloween projects are all over the blog world right now.

First off, eighteen25.  They are hosting a "Spooktacular September" event where everyday they feature a new crafter with a Halloween related tutorial.  So far it has been A.W.E.S.O.M.E!  My jaw has dropped on a daily basis, and a lot of the crafts are super easy and stuff you could get your kids involved with.  Be sure to check them out.  Here is just a sample of the goodies you'll find over there.

(be sure to click "older posts" so you don't miss anything!)

Next up, I found the cutest, easy, inexpensive idea for a holiday wreath over at A Little Bit of Everything (found via Remodelaholic).  You'll have to check them out for the full tutorial, but all you need to make this cutie is a couple of pieces of holiday fabric, a metal hanger, and some time.  I love this idea because it could be used in so many ways, for any holiday of the year. (Can you imagine a 4th of July wreath with red, while and blue fabrics... to die for cute!)

Then when I came across this candelabra by Saw Dust and Paper Scraps who was guest posting at Tatertots and Jello and I literally couldn't believe it.  She MADE it.  I'm not kidding.  She MADE it!  I know, unbelievable.  You'll have to check it out to see what she did, but her total cost was around $26.  Really, too cute for words!

Now onto a great, none Halloween, idea.  The clever lady at The Bird's Papaya made this adorable book sling for her daughters room.  Isn't that the best idea ever?!?  It would be so easy to make and would keep all your kids books in easy reach, easy to put away, and visible to encourage reading.  My kids are SO getting some of these!

Now, I have a confession to make... I have never made Hawaiian Haystacks.  I have had them a church events, and once at my In-law's, and I loved them...but I've never made them.  Well that is soon to change thanks to Creations by Kara.  Don't they look so yummy!?  Her recipe is actually made from scratch, rather then canned soup base, to make it a healthier (and tastier) option. YUM!

And last, but not least, here is a tutorial for homemade sushi, brought to you by my awesome cousin at Create-A-Torium Crafts.  They turned out so good too! I would never have been brave enough to try sushi at home but she makes it sound rather easy.  How fun (and impressive) would it be to have a few friends over for a dinner party and serve them this?!? Or just get all the ingredients ready and let everyone experiment with and make their own roll.  Too much fun! Great idea Jessica!

Aren't all these projects great?  I'm always amazed at the creativity and sheer genius that is floating around the blog world. 

I'm going to work on creating a "Featured" button, so if I have featured one of your projects you can come back in a few days to collect a button for your blog.

Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Theater Room Pillows

So the other day I was browsing through a Ballard Designs catalog and came across a bunch of really cute theater room stuff.  The funny thing is I had seen this same spread previously and  didn't look twice, but this time something caught my eye.  Actually, it was two things...

I loved the ticket plaque and the movie inspired pillows and thought I'd combine the two ideas.  I ended up with this.

Isn't he the cutest?!?! (Yes, its a he and no, I have no clue why.)  But he was a little lonely down there so I made him these to keep him company.

They are pretty dang cute too, don't ya think?!?

I used about a yard of canvas I got at the fabric store, but this would be a great application for drop cloth.  I found the images I liked online (all through google images) and printed them up on my computer.  I hung them in the window so I could trace them onto freezer paper, used a exacto knife to cute out the stencil, ironed it on and used fabric paint to paint on the image. I used a mix of both brown and black paint to give it a little more depth.  Once the paint is dry you simply pill off the freezer paper and sew your pillow.

If you want more information on freezer paper stenciling, go visit Cheri at I am Momma, Hear me Roar. (Awesome blog by the way, be prepared to stay awhile) She has a video tutorial that will explain everything you need to know way better then I ever could.

While I still have some things I want to do downstairs...

I think its coming along quite nice!

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