Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ba'bee' Shower Week- How to make a diaper cake.

You can't really have a baby shower without a diaper cake can you? Turns out they are actually really easy to make!  I'm sure there are lots of ways to make a diaper cake but this is how I did mine.

 You will need:
Diapers (I used a pack of size 1 and a pack of size 2)
Cake Pans (I used a 10", 8" and 6" pan)
Rubber Bands
and Embellishments (Ribbon, flowers, wooden decorations)

You start with a cake pan and start layering the diapers in the  pan.  You want to try and space the diapers evenly along the outside edge.  It takes some fiddling to get it even.

One you have the form nice and tight with diapers, put a rubber bands around the whole thing to secure.  (I just got really large rubber bands and then tied a knot in them to make them smaller for the smaller form.)

Do all three cakes.  If you have extra space you can slip some extra diapers in the center of the cake.

My cakes just sat on top of each-other.  This made it easy to transport.

Once you have your cakes done you can decorate!  Start by putting ribbon over the rubber bands.  I used hot glue to put the ribbon on.  Just be careful not to get any glue on the diapers.  Overlap the ends of the ribbon and only glue onto the ribbon.

I put a wide black ribbon, and then a narrower yellow ribbon on top.

Then I hot glued the wooden bees (which I found all ready to go at Micheal's) over the seam.  Then simply tuck the flowers in-between the folds of the diapers till you have the look you are after.

And that's it!

Like I said it was really easy to make and I got a lot of compliments on it.  I even had one guest ask when we were going to cut the cake.... but then again, we had men at this shower.... haha!

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