Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ba'bee' Shower Week- the games! (free printables)

Now... the best part of a baby showers is the games right? ;)

We had a lot of fun planning the games and prizes for this shower.  We played 3 games.  The first one was baby shower Pictionary.  We had a dry erase board and split into two teams.  We played so that everyone had a chance to draw once and then counted up the score.  The winning team each got a "Burt's Bees" chap-stick.

It was a fun game with words like "breast pump" and "epidural." hehe

You can download the complete wordlist HERE.

Next we played "The Price is Right"

We had a basket of baby items and gave each guest a card with a list of everything in the basket.  They got to guess how much each item cost.  Whoever got closest, without going over, won a gift basket with more "Burt's Bees" products.

Here is the cards we used for this game.  (I have one with the list of what was in our basket, and a blank one if you want to add your own items.)

 And the final game we played was bingo. This version of bingo is actually something to keep the guests involved while the mommy-to-be is opening all her gifts.  I made blank cards and let everyone fill their own card out with items they thought the mommy was going to get.  Then as my sister opened her gifts they got to mark them off.  We played "black out" to make it more challenging and ended up having to just go with whoever got the most crossed off at the end.  Another variation would be to play double lines, or have the guests pass their cards around after filling them out.  The winner also got a "Burt's Bees" gift basket.

Anyway, here are the bingo cards.

 To use the game cards just click on the image to view it larger, then right click and save to your computer.  Enjoy!!

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And that was it!  We really had a lot of fun!

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