Sunday, February 21, 2016

Whole House Before and After

So life happens quick.

We have been feeling the stains of a "too small" house for awhile now.  So about a month ago I decided that I would make a call to our mortgage broker and see what we would qualify for and if I could even find a house in that range that was worth considering. You know it it goes... "just to see." Within 2 weeks we were under contract on a new house and then under contract on our house right after!  It was insane.  We still have to get through inspections and appraisal, but it looks like we're moving!

But since I never really blogged the renovation of our house like I wanted to, I thought it would be fun to compare the before pics with the pics from our MLS listing.

So here goes.

Before-  Exterior


We actually painted the front door after this pic was taken. It made such a difference!  Why didn't we do that years ago?!

Before- Living Room


Before- Kitchen


Before- Family Room


Before- Master Bedroom


Before- Master Bath


Before- Second Bath


Before- Bedroom 2


Before- Bedroom 3


And here are rooms that didn't even exist when we moved in!

Bedroom 4

Bedroom 5

1/2 Bath


And we also put in the backyard completely from scratch.  I wish I had pics from in the summer when everything is green and bloomed.

 My adorable chicken coop.  It's coming with us, but I fear the day we actually move it! 

Thats it! It has been a labor of love and I can't believe we have been here for over 4 years already.  This home has served us well but I'm ready for the next adventure!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Liam's Nursery

So you know how I had a baby?  Well that was over 18 months ago.  And he has a stinkin cute room that I never photographed or blogged about.  Because I suck.  But it got cleaned today so I decided to fix that.  It may only be iPhone pics, but whateves.

Liam's Little Lamb Nursery

I just love this shelf above the changing table.

Especially this little wooden lamb I made. I'm kinda proud of him.

But my favorite part is his newborn pics.

I have the cutest babies!

Monday, April 13, 2015

WYLTC- Spring 2015

Wood You Like to Craft is back with some Spring!!!  I'm sharing this....

Go check it out HERE.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Say what?!?

Did you realize that blogger has an app? You did?  Oh... I guess it's just me.

I was sitting here thinking how much I miss blogging, but I'm never on my computer anymore because I'm always on my phone.  And I take 99% of all pictures on my phone, and who has time to look for cords, and then sit in one spot.  Sigh.... (1st world problems) 

Then I thought, too bad I can't just blog from my phone so that I will actually write a blog post. (What a concept!)

Then I thought.... I bet blogger has already thought of this.  Then I checked the App Store.  And here I am.  Blogging. From. My. Phone.

In bed.

So ya.  Maybe I will start blogging again after all.

I've sure missed it!

And because no blog post is complete without a picture...

This is my excuse not much blogging.  

He has a birthday this month.  Babies grow too fast!

But ya.  I should blog.  I have lots to show you guys!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Star of Bethlehem Ornament

WYLTC week again!  We are doing an ornament exchange this time around and it is so fun.  My first ornament showed up in the mail yesterday and is SO cute!!!  My kids were so excited!!

I made this "Star of Bethlehem" to send out.  You can check out all the details on how to make your own  HERE.

And dont forget to check out all the other ladies cuteness all week!

(click on the link below to go to the WYLTC home page)

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hello Sunshine!

WYLTC is back and this month we are all crafting for summer!

I made this...

Click HERE for details!  (and also for why I've been MIA!)

And be sure to check out what all the ladies came up with for your summer crafting!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Welcome Spring!

It's Wood You Like to Craft week again and this month we are welcoming Spring.  Head on over to the WYLTC blog to get all the details on my Spring Flowers.

And you can see all the Spring cuteness from the other WYLTC ladies by going HERE.  You won't want to miss it!


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