Friday, July 08, 2011

Fabric Flip-Flops

So, I'm totally having bloggers guilt.  As I mentioned earlier, I have a bunch of stuff in the works, but nothing I can share.  So my blog has sat this week without any new content.  (wah wah)  This morning it was really starting to get to me so I decide I could at least do an inspiration file.  Unfortunately, all that is in my file is 4th of July stuff and I'm kinda over it... as I'm sure you are too.  So I decide to tackle a quick little project that was on my to-do list.

Fabric Flip-Flops!

My inspiration came from THIS tutorial from The Mother Huddle.  I originally was going to make mine exactly like hers, but the knot hurt my feet.  I'm totally a shoe wuss so its really not that surprising.  Then I came across a link to these, so I made mine like that instead.  Cute and so comfy!  Just my style!

All you do is find a cheap pair of plastic flip-flops (mine were $1 at Micheal's) and remove the plastic straps.  Then take some scrap fabric (I actually bought a fat quarter at Walmart, also $1) and cut it into strips.  My strips were about 4" wide and about 24" long.  I ironed them in half lenghtwise so you wouldn't see the wrong side.  Use one strip to make a loop through the toe, knotting at the back, and then thread the second strip through the loop and knot in the back of the other two holes.  Seriously, $2 and about 15 minutes is all it takes.

Oh, and guess what?!?!  All of these pictures were taken in manual mode on my camera without any editing.  Aren't you proud of me?!  I'm super excited about it!

Also, if you are wondering what happened to Wood you like to craft?, with the craziness of the holiday we have decided to postpone it till next week.  But never fear, it is coming!

I feel better.  :)


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