Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Teacher Gifts

One of my good friends asked me to gather some teacher gift ideas.  I have seen a ton of adorable ideas around blogland and was happy to oblige. 

So I made a pinterest board.  :)  I love you pinterest!

(click image to view)

Sooo, if you want to check out some last minute teacher gifts, there you go! 

Now, all this teacher gift searching couldn't have come at a better time.  This week is my son's last week of preschool and I had full intentions on sending him with a little something something for his teacher.  But what that something was, I had no clue.  So I basically gathered my favorite things from my pinterest board and made this.

How fun!  It was super easy too.  All I did was hot glue a bunch (as in about 70) pencils to a pot, planted some flowers (mums), glued on a bow, and stuck in a cute little tag.

And for you more visual peeps...

And what is a teacher gift tutorial without a free printable?
Click on the image to make it larger, save, and then print as a 8x10 on cardstock.  This will make your circles 2.5" because that is the size of my circle punch. :)  Then I just hot glued it to an extra pencil and stuck it in my plant. 

I think it turned out pretty cute.  I hope she loves it and can find a good home for it in her classroom.

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