Monday, March 14, 2011

No Soliciting

Just in case you missed it last week, I wanted to share my Wood You Like to Craft? project.  It was a blast to make and I sure hope you'll play along and link up your take on this months project.  And if you did miss it, be sure to head over to Under My Umbrella to see the rest of the projects.  They all turned out amazing!


I was so happy when Melinda announced this month's craft because I new instantly that this was going to be a solution to one of my problems.  You see, we have a solicitor problem.  In the summer especially, its relentless.  Sometimes the people that come to our door are really pushy and down right rude, and being home alone a lot of the time it makes me uncomfortable.  At one point in time I had a little vinyl "no soliciting" sign on the door but it got in the way of my wreath and came down. (Because we all know the wreath is far more important!)  My husband has been asking me to put something back up, so when I saw Melinda's sign, I new mine would be a "no soliciting" sign.

Wanna See?

Sigh.... I'm in love!  Its almost too pretty to have such a functional message.  But my favorite part is that its not subtle in the least.  Anyone who comes to my door is going to notice it and know my wishes.  Do you think it will work?  Let's hope so!

Mine is made the same as Melinda with the following exceptions.
  • I have a love affair with scrapbook paper.  I literally get sucked down the scrap aisle at the craft store and get stuck there.  (Although I've yet to use a page to make an actually scrap book.) I just adore all the patterns and colors.  So I decided to use scrap paper for my design.  The letters are also cut from card stock and all of it is modge podged on.
  • When I went to Lowes and asked for a 6x6 castine, they looked at me like I had sprouted horns.  So I ended up finding a 7x7 wood plaque at Micheal's.  Same difference really.
  • To hang, I drilled two holes so I could thread my ribbon through and have a cute little bow up front.
  • Because the majority of my sign is created from paper, I was worried about it holding up to the weather outside.  So after is was complete I sprayed the whole thing down with Thompson's water seal.  (the same stuff you'd seal a deck with.)  This gave it a water proof finish, although it does leave the sign a bit greasy feeling, so be warned.
Here are a few (okay a bunch) more pictures because I can't help myself.  

(Jeez Krystal, get a new doorbell!)

Thanks so much Melinda for the awesome inspiration.  I can't wait to see what you create!

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